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~Designer Puppies~

A designer puppy is the result of breeding a purebred dog of one breed to a purebred of another breed. Intentional crossbreeds are also known as "deliberate crossbreeds". There are several advantages that a crossbred dog has, one of them being a tendency to have a moderate appearance. Specific qualities or "deformities" such as short noses, short crooked legs, long heavy ears, etc are not as pronounced when breeding a purebred with that deformity to another purebred without that deformity. The temperament of a crossbred dog is usually more moderate than that of many purebred dogs, which makes them more house-friendly. They also tend to be healthier, since genetic variety provides a stronger immune system. This phenomenon, known as "hybrid vigor", is produced only when two dogs with a different set of genes are crossbred. The one down-side to crossbreeding is simply in not knowing which traits the hybrid will inherit.


The health and well being of our animals are of highest priorty, with all mothers recieving breaks from cycles you can rest assured that a puppy from HHK is the right choice. We hope to see you at the kennel.



Shih-poo - Dam: Miss Luda - 1 Female & 4 Males - Born March 11, 2022
Female 1 Adopted
Male 1 Adopted
Male 2 (updated photo below)
Male 3 (updated photo below)
Male 4 Adopted 
Photos above taken on 4/25/22
Photos below taken on 8/26/22

Male 2 *DISCOUNTED PRICING* $700 (plus tax)

Male 3 *DISCOUNTED PRICING* $700 (plus tax)




Dacha-poo - Dam: Miss Disney - 2 Females & 1 Male - Born March 7, 2022
Female 1 Adopted
Female 2 Adopted
Male Adopted
Photos taken on 4/25/22



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