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Maisy is our beautiful Bichon-Shih Tzu puppy who joined our family. At 8 weeks old she weighed just under 3 lbs. Now at 7 mos. she is 9 1/2 lbs, and will fill out a little more yet. She is very smart and trainable. With consistent crate training, she was completely housetrained at 4 mos. old. I also took her to basic puppy classes at Petsmart. Her temperament is playful, affectionate and friendly to all. Socializes well with all dogs, people and children she has met. Maisy enjoys a daily walk around the neighborhood. She is a loyal watchdog and companion. Her fur is non-shedding, very soft and easily cared for with regular grooming. I can't say enough about our sweet Maisy!



Hi all,

This is a photo of my Emmie. She is now 14 months old and is the sweetest, most loving, most amusing puppy!!! I am waiting for just the right pup to bring home so that she can have a sibling. Thank you Hidden Hollow and Kay for the first rate care you give not only the pups - but we humans ;-)

Sincerely, Annie Bornstein


This is Sparky MCPooch who we adopted from you two years ago. We are totally in love with him. What a snuggle-bug he is. He is healthy and happy. Thank you!

Don and Jenny


I picked my Dachshund puppy (Katie) last Saturday and everyone in the family just LOVES her. She is such a beautiful dog! She had her first vet visit and is in perfect health. The vet remarked on how perfect her teeth are, how shiny and soft her coat is and that she is in excellent condition. Thanks to Bridgette for providing me periodic pictures of her and to Kay for answering all my questions. I would highly recommend Hidden Hollow to anyone looking for a quality dog. The dedication and love you all put into the healthy breeding of your dogs definitely shows!

Thank you so much!



We adopted a miniature Dachshund from you all in March. We just wanted to drop you a line to say that he is literally the best puppy we could have ever asked for. He's so full of himself and he's smart! He gets a little mischievous but what puppy doesn't? We have named him Slinky.

Thank you so much for our wonderful dog!

Ellen & Daron


A big thank you to Kay and HIHO!!!!! Craig and I love our little shorkie so much! Paisley is doing amazing and is so loving and well behaved! Thank you!

Emily Merrick


Good afternoon Jeff. I just had to write to and let you know how HAPPY we are to have purchased one of your wonderful puppies. My family is so in love with Milo the shorkie and we couldn't be happier.

I would also like to say, Kay is WONDERFUL!!! She has and will go above and beyond to help anyone who adopts a pet from your facility. I was referred by my Verizon Wireless salesman to come to your facility and I am overjoyed that I did. Kay has taken time out of her busy schedule to answer all of my phone calls and to talk to me and make me feel like she cares.

Thank you Jeff, Bridgette and Kay for the wonderful gift that you have given my family.

Tony, Mahogany, Michael and "Milo" Scales


My husband and I never had children together, so one of the best days of our lives was June 29, 2006 when "Madame C'est Si Bone" came to live with us.  She was born on April 28, 2006 at Hidden Hollow Kennel.  Though we've always have a Shih Tzu in our lives throughout our (almost) three decades of marriage, C'est Si occupies a place in our hearts that must be very close to a child, in fact, we refer to her as our "lil' girl!"

From start to finish, our experience with Hidden Hollow Kennel was positive.  Since we had two male Shih Tzus prior to C'est Si, we decided we wanted a little girl.  When I called, the liter had recently been born; so we scheduled a date, after they turned 5 weeks old, to select our choice of the female puppies.  The directions were easy to follow and rapport was easily established with Mrs. Showalter.  As we sat in their beautiful backyard, all the little females were brought to a gated area, our questions were answered and then she left us alone to cuddle and make our selection.  C'est Si was brought into the Showalter home the week before she left to finalize her socialization.  However, C'est Si didn't adjust as quickly as expected from the separation of her mother and other siblings, so it was suggested we give her another week before taking her home.  For any of you considering Hidden Hollow, this is a perfect example of their extraordinary care of the puppy. 

The day we drove to Hidden Hollow Kennel to bring her home was an exciting time as you can imagine.  Mrs. Showalter guided us through the paperwork, provided puppy food and even allowed us to select a toy as a parting gift for C'est Si.  Our visit wasn't the least bit rushed with lots of hugs, smiles and best wishes given to C'est Si & us.  We loved C'est Si from the moment she rode home with us and she quickly adapted to the elder Shih Tzu who was still with us.  In fact, we firmly believe she brought extra years to his life.

By the time C'est Si was 3 months old, she knew 5 tricks and could dance up a storm on her rear paws to "Yakety Sax," her favorite song.  Though we had two others, C'est Si's coat is the only one with the proper consistency that allows us to groom her in the traditional long-coat Shih Tzu style.    

Everyone loves C'est Si and even non-pet lovers refer to themselves as her aunts & uncles.  She was easy to housebreak (a task that always frightens me) and easily adapted to the different stages of socialization as documented in the "New Puppy Handbook."   (This booklet was written by the American Kennel Club and we received a complimentary copy upon receipt of her registration.) 

As C'est Si's first birthday approached, we called Mrs. Showalter and asked if she would like to visit with C'est Si.  She welcomed us warmly saying she hadn't seen one of their Shih Tzus in a full coat before.  We found this to be a lovely experience not only for Hidden Hollow and us, but also C'est Si seemed to have a connection with her birth place. 

My parents are now considering a poodle and I can't think of a better place than Hidden Hollow Kennel.  After viewing their very comprehensive website, I emailed them and quickly received a response from Jeff.  After sharing with him our praise for the Kennel & love for C'est Si, he asked if I would share my experience on the website and I am honored to do so.  The only difficulty I've had is trying to keep this short. 


Dear Miss. White,
My mom and I came over July 27th to look at the last Dachshund that you had left. He was so cute and active and yet he loved to cuddle and be held. It didn’t take very long to fall in love with him. He did great on the way home. Mom sat with him and talked to him and he was very content to stay in his crate with the door open playing with his new toys. He went to the vet the next week and proved to be healthy except for a yeast infection in both ears and that has cleared nicely with several doses of antibiotic drops. The only other problem was his left rear foot that had only two toes. The vet explained that he had only one weight-bearing toe instead of two, but that she didn’t think he would have any problems with that. He went back to the vet August 17 and was neutered. That day he was a pitiful little guy, but the next day he was back running around like nothing ever happened.

We named him Budd and he is one of the nicest puppies I have been around. He came home to a house with an 18 year old cat and an 11 year old Beagle mix and he has won over both. My mom has a 14 year old dog and he has won her over. He goes to work with me two days a week and is around two kids, age 6 and 9, and does great with them. He is also great around their 4 year old cousin. I was concerned because 4 year olds can be pretty unpredictable, but he takes her in his stride and actually seems to enjoy her attention. He is just the right size for her to pick up and hold. But his favorite part of coming to work with me is Maggie who is a 6 month old Dachshund mix. They have such fun with one another. They rough and tumble and get plenty of exercise and then collapse and nap together.

So I just wanted to thank you. I feel like I have had him forever, he has fit in so well with the other animals and has adjusted so well to my schedule. He is smart and cute to look at, full of energy one minute and a couch potato the next. He loves to cuddle, but at the same time he is curious and loves to explore. Even at the vet’s office he was curious about the people there and the other animals and never showed any nerves. Even the vet was impressed with him.

Thank you again,

Deborah Fredrickson

PS- Thanks for taking the initiative to get his health history to the vet in time for his appointment!


Good afternoon,

Just a quick note of thanks !  Came up Saturday and adopted one of your Morkies.  He is just the best little guy ever.  He got a little car sick on the way home (did not like the ride back across the mountains).  He has adjusted well to his new surroundings and his brother Bubba (our yorkie).  It was a pleasure doing business with Hidden Hollow Kennels.  Hardest part of the process was deciding which one to take home.  I wanted to take them all.


Janet Jones


Dear Mr. Showalter,

Just wanted to compliment you on your choice of vet tech for your puppies. We drove from Winchester yesterday to put a deposit on the Malto-poo puppy. Not only was Ms. White very knowledgeable of dogs/puppies in general, it was obvious that she cared for each animal at the kennel. We can't wait to bring our puppy home in March; and know that she is in good hands until then!

Thanks so much,

Maureen McCarthy

PS I would definitely recommend Hidden Hollow Kennel. All of the puppies and their parents were healthy and adorable.

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